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SharePoint Website Development

SharePoint Website Development is usually preferred by large organizations and Government entities with an existing SharePoint infrastructure. This is a server platform that allows organizations to share and store files, collaborate on file creation, search through large volumes of documents, obtain insights on all this information and keep track of all changes. SharePoint is popular among organizations who require a secure means to collaborate and store sensitive information.

We recommend SharePoint Website Development for intranets and micro-sites. SharePoint is not a conventional content management system and a public facing SharePoint website could lack functionality and could also be limited in terms of design.

An example of where SharePoint Website Development would occur would be an organization that currently uses SharePoint to store a large amount of documents. This organization would need a front end (SharePoint Website) for authorized individuals to search, access and/or edit these documents.

At OV Graphics, we are able to create SharePoint websites from templates or from scratch (our preferred method of SharePoint Website Development).


SharePoint Website Development
Some Benefits of

SharePoint Website Development

  • Ideal solution for intranets and micro-sites for organizations with existing SharePoint infrastructure
  • Content can be edited via the SharePoint CMS through a collaborative effort by authorized employees
  • Since SharePoint integrates with existing databases and networks, business insights can be displayed via dashboards on your SharePoint website
  • Companies with vast amounts of documents can create SharePoint sites that act as powerful local search engines which will enable employees to seamlessly access / edit these documents

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