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HTML5 Website Development

We offer fully responsive HTML5 website development for clients with a limited budget. These websites offer more than what a free website builder would. 

HTML5 websites are cost effective and may not require databases – which could increase monthly hosting fees. Free website builders often allow designers with no coding experience to drag and drop predesigned elements. This can be very limiting when compared to HTML5 website design.

The HTML5 option is most suited when websites are expected to remain unchanged for long periods of time. They may become costly when requiring content to be regularly updated.

HTML5 websites require knowledge of coding. Your HTML5 website changes have to be done by directly editing the source code. This can be difficult when compared to websites with content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. We normally recommend HTML5 websites for temporary landing pages, websites that won’t change for long periods of time and temporary event websites. 

HTML5 Website Development
Some Benefits of

HTML5 Website Development

  • Highly interactive multimedia elements can be integrated without the use of third party plugins
  • Responsive websites that scale up or down to your viewing screen size
  • Low initial cost
  • Great language for building websites with less than 10 pages
  • Highly compatible with most browsers

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