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Flyer Design

Flyer Design

Flyers are a good way of advertising your business’s products or services. They can also be used to advertise other information such as events, specials / sales and information for awareness campaigns. Flyer design should be limited to A5 paper sizes and smaller.

This allows for ease of distribution but this also means that you would need to fit in as much information as possible without compromising on design and aesthetics. Our designers at OV Graphics can easily create suitable layouts that are both appealing and content rich.

Flyers are normally distributed in places with high volumes of passing traffic. These could be at traffic lights, malls and other places of interest. One would normally need to obtain permission from the local municipality before distributing flyers to avoid receiving fines. This is because flyers can also be a very bad source of litter if readers don’t dispose of it correctly.





We cover design for;

  • Advertising of business services
  • Brand awareness campaigns
  • Informative flyers (normally takes the form of a tri-fold flyer)
  • Events and concerts
  • Government awareness campaigns (Water saving, disease prevention etc.)

We design and print flyers for clients across South Africa and throughout the rest of Africa.

Flyer Design

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