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Corporate Identity Manual Development

A corporate identity manual is an informative booklet that contains all your company’s branding rules. These set of rules should be constantly adhered to when designing any marketing or branding related items. The following sections are generally covered when we conduct your corporate identity manual development;

  • Company Logo Design
    • This section covers the proper use of the company logo as well as the meaning that the logo conveys
  • Corporate colours
    • Covers the colour codes (Hexadecimal, RGB and CMYK) for screen and print
  • Typefaces
    • Approved company fonts and styles for all documents and marketing related items
  • Graphic Elements
    • Shapes and vectors that are used in conjunction with other elements to create a distinct and recognizable image for your company
  • Corporate Stationery
    • These would include business cards, letterheads, envelopes, corporate folders, compliment slips and calendars
  • Signage and Livery
    • This section would include specifications for vehicle branding, outdoor signage, indoor signage and building flags
  • Publications and Adverts
    • Specifications for brochures, flyers, posters, banners, gazebos and newsletters
  • Promotional Items
    • Rules for branding on USBs, pens, diaries, apparel and other promotional items
  • Multimedia
    • Specifications for email signatures, e-news letters, compact disks and websites

In conclusion, your corporate identity manual development should contain a set of rules that internal and external staff should follow in order to ensure that your brand identity is maintained and kept constant across all marketing mediums.

Our Process For

Corporate Identity Manual Development

  • We work together with you to develop an agreed standard for your identity
  • Our expert consultants assist you with making informed decisions and advise on the best practices and current market trends
  • We work withing your budget to find you the best marketing mediums with a high return on investment
  • ¬†OV Graphics will constantly maintain your corporate identity manual and update it where necessary to ensure that your branding is up to date with modern best practices and is consistent throughout all marketing mediums
Corporate Identity Manual Development

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