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Billboard Design

Billboard Design

Billboards are a very effective means of marketing when placed in areas with large traffic volume flow. They are proven to provide a high return on investment. When conducting your billboard design, the following has to be considered;

  • Intended message is clearly conveyed in an aesthetically appealing manner
  • Use of colors appropriate for both day and night
  • Minimal use of text
  • Defined call to action
  • At most, one image
  • Minimal viewing time – message to be communicated effectively between 5 to 10 seconds
  • Balanced logo (there has to be a balance between the logo and the image used)

The aim of a billboard is to provide a medium for a visual story. This visual story should grab a person’s attention and create a memorable impression that leaves the reader thinking about the ad long after they have driven by.




Designing your billboard also requires an in depth analysis of the billboard location and surroundings. This will include active viewing times, weather effects and minimum distance for visibility.

Another popular type of billboard advertising is electronic billboards. This can sometimes be more cost effective considering the fact that there are no printing costs.

OV Graphics provides professional billboard design for both print and electronic billboards. We offer our design services within South Africa and throughout Africa!

Billboard Design

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