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Graphic Design

Turnkey graphic design services

Based in Johannesburg – South Africa, we provide comprehensive graphic design services for both small and large businesses. Our service range covers logos, business cards, corporate stationery and corporate identity in addition to more complex projects like animation and motion graphics for YouTube ads and other digital marketing campaigns.

Our competitive advantage is our ability to tailor a specific graphic design package that is in line with your objectives and within your budget. So whether you’re looking to create your brand from scratch or improve on your existing image. We are able to assist you irrespective of how big or small the job is.

Logo Design

We create logos that tell a story

A logo is not only the most simple means of brand recognition but also the anchor point of your company’s brand.

Logo Design

View our logo design service offering.

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Business Card Design

Unconventional design

We explore unique and innovative designs on unconventional materials taking graphic design and business card design to another level.

Business Card Design

View our business card design service offering.

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Corporate Stationery Design

A great look and feel for your company

Corporate stationery items potentially pass through many hands. Get your items branded.

Corporate stationery design

View our corporate stationery design service offering.

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Company Profile Design

Still a very important component of marketing

We create beautiful profiles and booklets through the use of state of the art graphic design software.

Company Profile Design

View our company profile design service offering.

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Vehicle Branding Design

Your own mobile billboard

Vehicle branding is a cheap alternative to conventional print marketing with the potential to reach a large audience.

Vehicle Branding Design

View our vehicle branding design service offering.

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Corporate Identity Manual Development

The entire look and feel of your brand

The corporate identity manual documents your branding rules to ensure consistency.

Corporate Identity Manual Development

View our CI manual development service offering.

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Poster Design

Poster design for any objective

We have carried out poster design for organizations across all sectors for various purposes.

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Flyer Design

A wide variety of flyer designs

Flyers are used to advertise  information such as events, services and more.

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Billboard Design

An effective means of marketing

Billboards are a very effective means of marketing when placed in areas with large traffic volume flow.

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Banner Design

Pop-up, pull-up, x-frame and more

Banners are a mobile form of advertising that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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Animation Development

Additional Graphic Design Services

Video has become an important component of a marketing strategy because of its ability to create a lasting impression on viewers.

There are various types of videos depending on you required objective. Not all videos are the same and it is important to first identify which video type would best suit your requirement;

  1. Product demos – These videos basically take your clients on a virtual walk-through and showcases your products as well as its features
  2. Brand videos – These videos are made to create brand awareness and to attract potential clients
  3. Expert reviews – Getting your products or services reviewed by experts can build trust in your product or service offering
  4. How-to videos – these videos are educational and aimed at teaching your potential clients more about your business or offerings
  5. Explainer vidoes – This type of video will help your audience to understand your core business better. It usually takes them through the journey of a fictional buyer who is struggling with a specific problem. This problem would be one that your business can solve

At OV Graphics, we specialize in all forms of video and animation marketing. We assist our clients with the development and distribution of their videos throughout the web. We also offer monitoring of these videos to help you better understand who your client base really is.