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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

What  is the difference between Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Marketing is more like the paid version of Search Engine Optimization with a bit more features and benefits. SEM comprises of a wide variety of products that are based on a “pay per click” model. To name a few;

  • Search Ads – These are text ads with keywords that appear on search engines when users search for products or services that contain your targeted keyword. These can also be product listing ads (PLAs) with a picture, price and short review of your product.
  • Display Ads – These ads appear on search engine partner websites in the form of;
    • Text – Heading, two lines of text and a URL
    • Google Mail – GMAIL users can view, click or expand relevant ads on their dashboard
    • Banners – These are more attractive image ads that can also contain animations
    • App – Certain mobile applications allow for users to view ads and click ads
  • Video Ads – These ads appear on the world’s second biggest search engine – YouTube

Setting up a pay per click ad is not as simple as one may think. Search engines still favor pay per click ads that are relevant to a user’s search. The quality of a pay per click ad can significantly reduce the cost that an advertiser would pay and it will also increase your ad rank (how you would rank among your competitors who are running similar ads).


Our Search Engine Marketing Services

There are many forms of search engine marketing. At OV Graphics, we are equipped to assist you with the right type of search engine marketing that would yield the highest return on investment. Our Search engine marketing services cover;

  • Analysis of your requirements and your expected outcomes given your budget
  • Relevant keyword research
  • Identification of high ROI search engine marketing products
    • Basic Search Ad
    • Display Ad (Banner development and distribution on search engine partner sites)
    • Product listing Ads (Most suited for companies with online stores)
    • Mobile app ads (Development and distribution of ads on relevant apps)
  • Maximizing ad reach and minimizing ad spend through the development of  high quality ads with a high ad rank
  • Monitoring and evaluation of campaigns
  • Tweaking of existing campaigns
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