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free company profile
Starting up a small business can be costly and stressful so, in the spirit of entrepreneurship, we have decided to give you your very own company profile template for free! This template is easy to edit and does not require any fancy graphic design software. You can edit and customize this profile using PowerPoint! The...
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Xamarin Certified Mobile Professionals
We’re pleased to announce that we are Xamarin Certified Mobile Professionals. This is a milestone that we have reached on route to offering cross platform mobile application development services in-house! OV Graphics will officially launch Cross Platform Mobile Application Development as a service in 2019.
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Vector Graphics
When it comes to graphic design software, no designer compromises on quality and ease of use. Having the right tools could simplify your job. Both agencies and designers tend to go with the Adobe Suite of products. This is because Adobe has been running this industry for years and they have managed to establish themselves...
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SSL Certificate
What are SSL Certificates? SSL Certificates were once a paid luxury for small businesses but have now become a necessity. An SSL certificate ensures that your visitor’s sensitive data is transferred over a secure connection with end-to-end encryption, preventing cyber criminals from stealing precious data that moves between your web server and your visitor’s browser....
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BRICS 2018 Volleyball
We’re covering social media as well as website league and tournament management for the Volleyball South Africa Association. Head to the “Volleyball South Africa” website to see what we have been doing.
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content delivery network
Not many business owners are aware of the benefits of a content delivery network (CDN). As a business owner, you are not expected to know the benefits but a brief understanding of CDNs could result in more sales and exposure for your business. You business’ website is stored on a web server provided by your...
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Website Speed Optimization
This is a quick tutorial on how to speed up your website loading time in just under 5 minutes using file compression. Its easy and anyone with access to their web hosting control panel (like CPanel) can do it with out any knowledge of coding or website design. This tutorial focuses on file compression through...
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Website builder vs web developer
As developers and end users, we have all asked ourselves this question – “Are DIY website builders better than hiring a Web Developer? You may have come across these “free” build you own website ad campaigns while browsing through the web. They started gaining popularity around 2011. This article compares using a website builder with...
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