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Opensource vector graphics and booklet design software

When it comes to graphic design software, no designer compromises on quality and ease of use. Having the right tools could simplify your job. Both agencies and designers tend to go with the Adobe Suite of products. This is because Adobe has been running this industry for years and they have managed to establish themselves firmly within the design software market. Although their prices are insanely high, majority of developers still make use of their products.

This is due to the fact that majority of graphic design training providers make use of Adobe products. This means that as a designer, your are basically hard wired to use these products. It would be fair to also mention that Adobe products are used because they tend to not crash and are more stable compared to other products.

We decided to take a leap when making use of opensource software for one of our design projects. At first, we were very skeptical so in order to avoid any risks, we designed using our conventional software alongside the opensource software. Long story short – It was not bad at all!

We made use of Inkscape for vector graphic design. Inkscape is the alternative to Adobe illustrator. After watching a few tutorial videos on YouTube we quickly grasp the idea of how Inkscape should be used. If you come from an Adobe background then learning Inkscape is easy. Honestly, you may not get access to all the awesome features offered by Adobe but nevertheless, you would still be able to design without much limitations.

Vector Graphics

We took our vector graphics that we designed using Inkscape and placed them in a booklet that we designed using Scribus. Scribus is an alternative to Adobe InDesign. Scribus is relatively easy to use and has a huge community that are always contributing to its development and are ever ready to offer support.

As an agency, we still need to conform to industry standards for design which is why we have to stick to the Adobe Suite but if you are an up and coming freelancer, we highly recommend Inkscape and Scribus – especially if you can’t afford the Adobe Suite of products.

Have you designed anything using Inkscape and Scribus? Let us know in the comment section below.

Vector Graphics

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