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The truth about link building

What is Link Building?

Link building is one of the oldest used techniques of search engine optimization. Basically, when you build links, you try and get high ranking and relevant sites to add links to your website. This is also known as “good quality links” because the sites linking back to you are relevant and not associated with any kind of spam.

Bad linking occurs when you get untrusted and irrelevant websites to link back to you. This is also known as a black hat technique and can result in your site being blacklisted by Google.

What does Google say about back linking?

Google has admitted that back links do form part of their search algorithm but they do not recommend that you focus on building them.

Why would they say this?

Some may say that Google just does not want you to trick their search algorithm which is why Google does not recommend building back links.

We have considered back linking carefully and we have decided not to focus on building them.

Back linking is tough work but this isn’t the main reason we chose to exclude it from our search engine optimization techniques.

Why we stopped building back links.

We carefully considered what Google had to say about back linking and we do not think that they are just trying to stop developers from tricking their algorithm.

Google’s algorithm is always changing and getting smarter. Google’s main purpose is to ensure that users of the search engine find EXACTLY what they are looking for.

This also means that what may be considered as a white hat technique today may eventually become a black hat technique. Yes, Google may find a way to determine if links were not naturally built! Algorithms are getting smarter and it would be very silly to think that this may not be a possibility in the near future.

Getting links without link building

How do you build links without link building? When speaking about any SEO technique we always find ourselves coming back to this statement made by Google – “Create good quality content“.

Real users will link to good quality content and this is how you eventually build good quality links naturally. This is a slow and painful process but it is definitely worth it.

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