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What is a Content Delivery Network

Not many business owners are aware of the benefits of a content delivery network (CDN). As a business owner, you are not expected to know the benefits but a brief understanding of CDNs could result in more sales and exposure for your business.

You business’ website is stored on a web server provided by your hosting company and every time a visitor clicks on a link to your site or searches for it through a search engine (like Google), your web server sends all the files associated with your website to your visitor’s browser.

So, there really is only one point where visitors can request your website from. Naturally, anyone would not have a problem with this but here’s why this is a problem.

Your website speed differs in different parts of the country / world. Your website may load fine when YOU access it but it may take ages when potential customers in neighboring provinces and countries try to access it.

Website speed optimization alone will not ensure that your website loads quickly and a slow website is guaranteed to get penalized by Google. This means less website visitors and less sales ☚ī¸.

This is where a Content Delivery Network can help. Think of a CDN as having multiple web servers across the planet and each web server has a copy of your site.

This means that you can have your website on standby for any visitor across the planet. Having your site on a server that is close to your potential customer will ensure that they receive your site much quicker! Another benefit of having a Content Delivery Network is that it puts less strain on your main web server, especially if you have a site that receives large volumes of traffic. Large volumes of traffic can slow down your server and result in higher hosting costs.

Now you may be thinking, if one web server costs you roughly R80 a month, how much would a Content Delivery Network cost seeing as you will have a web server in all major countries?

We’ll do it for free. 🙃 We offer Content Delivery Network setup with all our web design packages, even a basic package. Contact us to find out more.

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