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Speed up your website in under 5 minutes – File Compression

This is a quick tutorial on how to speed up your website loading time in just under 5 minutes using file compression. Its easy and anyone with access to their web hosting control panel (like CPanel) can do it with out any knowledge of coding or website design. This tutorial focuses on file compression through CPanel.

Lets first briefly analyze why you need to have a fast loading website:

  • It improves user experience – users tend to leave websites that take too long to load, resulting in potential loss of clients or visitors
  • Google ranks your website according to how long it takes to load which could be devastating if your site takes a long time to load

So in essence, a website that loads quickly can improve ranking in search engines and improve overall user experience.

One of the many methods of speeding up your website’s loading time is by compressing your web files. If you use a computer on a daily basis you may have a basic understanding of file compression which is “Zipped files are smaller in size”.

This zipping is done on your web server (the place where your website is stored). If file compression is enabled, your server sends the zipped file to your website visitor’s web browser and the browser has the responsibility of decompressing the files and displaying it properly.

You might think that “this is a lot of work and takes time” but it is quicker to send a compressed file and decompress it than to send a larger file and display it.

So, now that you understand why this is important lets get started.

  1. Log into your CPanel and navigate down to Software
  2. Click on “Optimize Website”

Cpanel file compression


Once you have clicked on “Optimize Website” you should see the following:

GZip Compression


Select “Compress ALL Content” and then click “Update Settings”.

That’s it! Easy right? File compression done!

If you have found this article to be useful, please leave a comment below. Let us know if your website has sped up.

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