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Why can’t I Find my Website? – Website Indexing

So you’ve just completed your website and when you try to search for it through a popular search engine like Google or Bing nothing appears. You find yourself having to physically type in your domain name (e.g. for it to appear in your web browser.

Don’t Panic! It just takes a bit of time for search engines to index your web pages. That is if they even know it exists.

What is website indexing?

To properly explain what website indexing is, we have to first take a brief look at how search engines work.

After you have designed and developed your WordPress or HTML5 site (or whatever platform you have decided on using), you would upload it to your web server (space allocated to you by your hosting service provider). Even though it has been uploaded and you can physically type in your domain name to find it, search engines may not know that it exists.

Why not!?

Search engines have not been informed about the existence of your website. Search engines find new websites through linking. This means that other websites which have already been indexed by search engines need to link to your website in order for your website to also be indexed.

Search engines use special programs called Bots. These bots basically scan websites for links to other websites which they record and make note of. Once the new links to other websites are recorded, the bots will then scan the new websites for more links. This process is never ending since the web is always expanding.  The scanning and recording of these new links is essentially website indexing.

How do I get my website indexed?

The easiest and free way to submit your website for indexing is to directly request search engines to do it. For Google indexing, simply submit your website URL through the Google Search Console. You will need a Google account (signed in) to do this. This won’t guarantee that your site will get indexed quickly or even at all which is why you should also try some of the methods below in conjunction with this.

For Bing indexing, submit your website URL to Bing Webmaster. There is no need for an account or to be signed in.

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You also need to have a sitemap. A sitemap basically assists search engines with important information regarding the structure of your website. Sitemaps can get a bit tricky especially if you’re using platforms like WordPress so feel free to contact us for assistance with this.

Another way of getting your website indexed is by requesting already existing relevant sites to link to your website. Get your friends or family to write blog entries with links to your site. There are also a few popular blogs that may charge for an article with a link to your website. They may even do it for free. Try and get relevant websites to link to your site. The content on these sites should be more or less the same in context with your site. For example, if you own an auto body repair shop, try and get a car blogging site to link to your website.

Be careful! Although links from other websites are required for your website to be indexed, you still need these links to be good links. If you get a website that is associated with spam to link to your website, it could negatively affect your ranking (search engines will place you somewhere at the bottom of the results 🙁 ).

How long does website indexing take?

Hours, days or even months. There is no set time when it comes to indexing. Try and get as many good and relevant links to your site as possible.



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